Best Practices

Use 2FA Where Ever You Can. 

Use 2FA on everything you can. Best practice is always have at minimum 2 ways to gain access to your account in the event your phone is lost, broken or stolen. For this reason ensure you have a pin set at minimum to unlock the phone.

Face id is actually least secure but more convenient. With a pin someone would have to force that info out of you. Additionally other security settings allows the phone to be erased with to many pin attempts. Just becarefully if someone grabs your phone to try and unlock it. 

If you get a new phone do not erase your old phone until the new phone is totally setup for you with all your 2FA info.

The Order of Using 2FA for Security.

Least secure - SMS 

Medium secure - Google Prompt

Best security - Security Key 

Password today need to be a mimium of 12 characters each. 

Using multiple languages with symbols and numbers  is a great strategy if you are not using a password manager. 

Passwords should NEVER be reused.

Do you really need to remember all your passwords? 

This is why many people will use a Password Manager. We can't recommend any so you should look for these on your own. 

Benefits of using a password manager.