Buying a Chromebook

Buying a Chromebook


This document is not about which Chromebook to choose. It is about what you need to be aware of when you buy a Chromebook. Chromebooks are an inexpensive electronic learning tool and come in many form factors and at different price points depending on specifications. Entry level devices are priced in the $300 to over $400 range depending on the memory, storage and features it has. Most school devices neighbour in the $300 - $400 price range and  should offer reasonable performance and considerable lifespan. This document is designed to help you make the best buying decision to suit your needs.

Form Factor:

Chromebooks are available in a number of physical formats and the correct type for your learner is dependent on how you see them using it.


Since most of the applications used on a Chromebook are Cloud based, performance is most greatly impacted by the reliability of your wifi and the speed of your Internet connection. Other factors to consider when choosing a device include:

End of Life:

First Time Setup:
The first account that signs into a Chromebook should not be your learner’s school account but instead should be a public Gmail account. The first account that signs in on a device receives a few extra privileges and can only be removed by wiping the device. Additional profiles are easier to remove and removing a user profile is a common troubleshooting step for schools and organizations. 

All in all, Chromebooks are secure devices. They were designed that way, and Google has taken steps to ensure ongoing security. You won't need to run an antivirus on your Chromebook. It's simply not required. You can read more about some of their security features here.

Most people will choose the most economical Chromebook with 4 gigabytes of memory, 32 gigabytes of local storage space and the physical characteristics such as screen size and keyboard type that they prefer. Technology is in a constant state of change and the planned lifespan of your device is an important factor to consider.