Shared Drive

What Should I Know about Shared Drives? 

Note: Shared drives are automatically hidden for group members once they reach a certain number of members. This is to avoid spamming large groups with shared drive content. This occurs in two ways:

How to Hide a Shared Drive? 

When you hide a Shared Drive, you are only hiding it from yourself and not from the other people you have shared it with.  

You can always hide a Shared drive from yourself.  

Right Click on the one you wish to hide.

This does not hide it from others members.

New Shared Drives will need to be created by submitting a work order request to Tech Services. 

Details about submitting a work order requesting a New Shared Drive can be found here.

What you need to Know about Shared Drive Permissions - Shared Drive Access Level

Who has access to the Shared Drive.
Understanding Shared Drive Permissions

Tightening Shared Drive Permissions -
As a Manager think about a Shared Drive just for public facing documents, while your other Shared Drives are locked down tighter.

When tightening permissions consider this- 

Use Wolf Creek groups wherever possible when setting permissions. This way you don’t have to manage the users that have access to the shared drive.  It also takes care of the situation as staff members leave for other district schools or come back and move into  sub positions, you should not have to worry about those retaining access to your schools shared drive or files.