National Film Board of Canada

National Film Board of Canada's education streaming service for teachers. CAMPUS is the premiere destination for educators who are seeking 100% Canadian film & media content that supports BC's diverse K-12 curriculum.

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If you already have a CAMPUS account, there is no need to re-register, your CAMPUS account remains active.

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Your CAMPUS subscription is provided by your school district. To activate your NFB account use this token link and gain access to thousands of Canadian films and teacher resources:

Your CAMPUS subscription includes:

• Access to more than 5000 film and Interactive media productions

• Exclusive access to more than 1500 films and new releases

• Thematic Playlists curated by Canadian educators

• A chaptering tool to create short clips from any NFB production

• The ability to create and share playlists with your students

• Hundreds of Teacher Guides

• Ability to search the NFB catalogue by school subject

• Education Synopsis' that contextualize select films for the classroom

• Google classroom integration

• MARC records to support libraries

• 100% Canadian content, available in English and French