Google Meet

Host Controls 

If you have the host controls, when you open the Meet you should see a blue shield in the bottom left.  

By default all host controls are turned on; you have to open the host controls from within the Meet to change these options. (Click the host controls shield in the bottom left to access.)

What is Quick Access in a Google Meet?

Scheduling Google Meet through Google Calendar Touring the Meet Room 

Change ownership of a Calendar event - Did you now if you scheduled a calendar event you could change the owner of the event. This is particularly helpful if you were to do a meet but then could not make it. You could then open the calendar event, then select more actions (at the top) and scroll to the bottom and choose change owner. Put in the new owner. They will get an email and have to accept the invitation to make them owner. Now they will have host controls of the Meet.

No Education accounts can join a public Google meet. You have to ask the Public Gmail meet account to join yours. 

Live stream to the outside world is currently unsupported. See below for a possible work around. 

Live Stream work around - You can however use YouTube if you have your own channel set up and have verified that channel for content greater than 15.  Channel verification can only be tied to a cell since work phones have an auto attendant which is unsupported. Always test so you have a full understanding,  More setup details can be found here