Leaving Wolf Creek

As of September 14th 2022 Google Takeout and Transfer tools have been disabled in Wolf Creek.

Users will either need to manually download any files or share to their personal account and make a copy of any files if they wish to retain. Once their work gmail account is suspended, any sharing outside the district will stop working. Here are the details around the disabling of these services.

There are two piece of information you need to be aware of.

  1. You want to take your drive/mail files with you. You only have 21 days to complete this task.

  2. You purchased a Chromebook and it is enrolled in the Wolf Creek Domain.

Using Multiple GMail Signature

How to I see if my Chromebook is enrolled in Wolf Creek's domain and what do I do to have it removed before my departure.

When you boot your device the sign in screen shows if your device is Managed by Wolf Creek.

Additionally where it says add people on the lower left side , you will see Browse as Guest. All managed devices in Wolf Creek have Browse as Guest disabled from devices. This means that Wolf Creek is no longer managing the Chromebook.

How to have my device deprovisoned from Wolf creek's management.

Most individuals know when they are about to leave a district. Please reach out to a teacher who should be able to point you in the right direction to get your chromebook deprovisioned. That person will put in a work order for that action. You must include your name, device serial number and or asset tag. Most will supply a picture of the back of the device because sometime the numbers or letter may be confusing as to what they are. If these are not readable on the back of the device you can boot the device. Before you log in press ALT+V and then look in the upper right hand corner the for details. Without the owners name, device serial number or asset tag in the work order we can not help you with your request. If you failed to do this before you have left teh district , then you must call district office and they will put you in touch with the right person.