Chrome app from the webstore are going away in December 2022 for Windows computers.

It is important to note that we are referencing Apps that you obtained from the webstore and Windows Computers and not extensions.

See the animated gif below which will show how you can identify on your windows computer any apps you may have added that will need attention.

Windows Chrome apps are being replaced with Progressive Web Apps (PWA). So what is a progressive Web App? It's a fancy way to say that the App you use to use is now a URL that you have to go to. Depending on the company that previously made the app, your experience may be different. Sometimes you will have to search out the companies new way to distribute their app. If you need an example see the Ipevo document camera section under Devices on the always learning site.

Chrome Apps on a Chrome device should continue working until June 2025. If you wish to use the PWA on your Chrome device instead you can.

If you remove the app from your windows computer you can expect it to disappear from your Chrome device. Since the behavior is different on windows we will have to to see what happens once the apps expire on windows later in December or January 2023.

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