After you perform your professional search, learn how to delete them.

Deleted emails remain in your trash for 30 days. See image below.

If you wish to remove them immediately to free up your storage space  you must empty your trash using this same approach. 

Now that you have learned how to search your email like a pro, how can you use those same searches for creating filters.

Gmail is one of the main core tools withing the G Suite of tools. This communication tool allows stakeholders to stay connected and organized in our fast paced world.  For support navigating and using your Gmail account be sure to download the  new G Suite Training extension. This extension gives you the ability to receive specific training on any of the core Google tools at your finger tips, it gives you step by step instructions without leaving the page you are on. Click on the G Suite button on this page to access instructions on how to add this extension 

What to know about Images in Gmail

How Gmail helps make images safe - But still you may wish to change your settings for privacy.

Google scans images for signs of suspicious content before you receive them.

These scans make images safer because:

Sometimes, senders may know whether you've opened an email that has an image. If you want to control this behavior see this article. You should also know that when you set the option to not display, you can be the one in control and from any email received you can select show images. This way in the future, the images from those senders will be displayed. Remember if a sender knows you opened an email by an image, they also know the email they sent to is a valid and working email address. 

Gmail scans every message for suspicious content. If Gmail thinks a sender or message is suspicious, images aren’t shown and you’ll be asked if you want to see the images.

Can't find the email your looking for? Try these search operators.  These Operators are also a great way for building automatic emails that are labeled. 

Gmail Labels

In your Gmail account using Labels is one of the easiest ways to organize your inbox/account. Labels allow you to organize your email messages into categories. They are similar to folders however, unlike folders, you can apply more than one label to a single message. You also have the ability to change the color of your labels to make your account easier to navigate.

There are two ways to create Labels:

Gmail Smart Compose, Nudges and Smart reply