My Yes/No Google Prompt for 2FA is slow, what can I do?

The prompt may not be slow all the time.  It is depended on many factors. Here are some suggestions and recommendations. 

See our written documentation here on how to this setup or see our video on how you may set this up.

Understanding and Enabling 2Fa on your Google Account - Using My cell for 2FA

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Setting up Your Google 2FA from a Tablet or Cell. 

Using Android device should be a very similar process. 

How  to use the Google Authenticator App for Google and Microsoft on an IOS Device.

You should know the app recently updated and so has changed from the Silver color app to an Asterick. See below image.

Google Authenicator App has Changed

Do you use the Google autenicator app in your personal life.  Notice the logo change to the Asterick. If you have a google account in your personal life then do you use 2FA? Indeed you need to use 2FA in your personal Google account, especially when you read and understand the following. 

The changes made with this update is that you can now have multiple accounts in the Authenicator app that you switch in and out of. This is just like if you use multiple account in the gmail app. You can have your work  codes under your work account  and your personal codes under your personal Google account. 

During the upgrade it will allow you to change the account that it dumps all teh codes to. Once you say the account you want it under, then you will be stuck with that. Sort of. 

When I did the upgrade I selected my work account and it contained all my authenicator codes, yes even my personal ones.  I wasn't expecting the app behaviour to change. The only way I could change it was by me using an ipad and exporting the codes to my personal account. The change I noticed was when I went back to my phone and changed my Authenicator app to my personal account, the codes synced automatically.   This is an important change to note since when you leave Wolf Creek your account is suspened. Therefore what happens is your account will be removed from your phone or ipad. Thus your personal authenicator codes will be gone if during the setup you choose your  work account. 

If you want to read more about this change read this article .

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The Power of Extensions  

Extensions knits itself into your browser.

It sees all the traffic your generating before it gets encrypted and it sees all the stuff that comes back into your browser after it is decrypted

Anything like HTTPS or TLS encryption is irrelevant to the extension. It's inside your browser and it kind of has equivalent power to your browser

Be Very very conservative about the stuff you plug into your browser to give extra functionality.

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 Listen to your voice of reason

Scammers use mail, email, phone calls, texting as ways to get you to divulge information. You will be the one that struggles to verify their TRUE identity. Why not just let unknown numbers or unexpected business calls go to voicemail. 

When you answer a call and interact with the voice prompt or by pressing a number, it lets spammers know your number is real. They can then sell your number to another company or begin targeting your number more frequently.  The same is true when you respond to a text that you can't identity. Never assume because the number appears local that it really is local.