Google Photos is Going Away

April 28th 2023 Google Photo service will be disabled.

Wolf Creek does not back up any Photos or Videos.

Before you start downloading or sharing photos to your personal account make sure you disable your Google Photos on your mobile device to prevent any further backing up of photos to your Wolf Creek account.

There is no Select All when you are doing Google Photos.

If any students are having issues with this, reach out to your teacher for help. 

If staff require extra help either with a students request or for themselves please submit a work order order with the details.

Any photos left in Google Photos will affect the users storage capacity when we disable this service.  Staff and student storage limites are coming this year. 

Google Photos Downloading to a USB Drive 

This is the video most likely Students will use.

Can only download 500 photos at a time so better to start sooner. 

Saving Photos from One Google Photo Account to Another 

This is the video most likely Staff will use. 

It is the fastest approach if you want to keep any pictures.

Remember FOIP laws.

If you have a lot of Photos you may have to do this in an orgainized way for yourself.  Best to start sooner.

Must have a Personal Google account.

Depending on the amount of photos you want to save in your personal Google Photo space you may have to purchase more space.

I got rid of all of my photos but Google Photo is still saying I have 9.2 MB.

How to find your unsupported videos it backed up from your mobile device. 

If you are still reporting space being used after looking at unsupported videos then also check Archive in Google Photos and remove those.